How to renew Norton Antivirus Subscription

This document will explain you on how to renew Norton antivirus subscription. The steps mentioned are as per the latest Norton antivirus subscription product versions. Before we proceed, we expect that you have purchased your latest Norton activation product key or if you haven’t purchased it yet, you can call our experts to get the things done for you at +1- 844-704-4450.

Step 1: Find your renew code from the genuine Norton Antivirus Pack

If you already have a Norton Activation Product Code, skip to Step 2. The location of your product code depends on where you have purchased the Norton Activation Product Code.

  • Purchased from an online retailer – You will receive a confirmation email where you can find your code. In case, you don’t find it in your inbox, you are advised to check your Spam folder or the junk email folder. These reason for these emails to be landing in your junk or spam folder it might be due to some recipients who have marked them spam. After you find your Norton renewal code, skip to step 2, or talk to our Norton antivirus customer tech support center at +1-(844) 704-4450.
  • Purchased from the Norton Online Store – You can find your renewal code by logging into your account.
  • If you have purchased a renewal code without a Norton Product, then you need to first check out, which Norton product you have purchased and what that key belongs to. You may get the confirmation email for your subscription purchase. The renewal code must have at least a day of validity remaining on the product. After you determine the product, you can either download the trial version on Norton Antivirus Subscription or install the product and talk to the norton tech support team at (+1-844-704-4450) for verification and to confirm their status of registration.
  1. Sign in to Norton
  2. Locate your subscription renew purchase and click the order number.
  3. Copy your renewal code.

The renewal code is a 19 character alpha-numeric code. For example –ABC123DE4567FGH89JK


Step 2: Enter you Norton renewal subscription code

  1. Start your Norton product.
  2. Click Help on the main window
  3. In the Help Center window, under Account Information, click Enter Product Key
  4. Type in your product key or code, and click Next.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Review your subscription, details and click

Norton Tech Support Number – +1 (844) 704-4450

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